Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters on second story house

Storm Ready in Seconds

Easy to deploy, accordion hurricane shutters allow a window or door to be fully protected in seconds. Gone are the days of struggling with storm panels on a ladder for second story homes.  With inside locks, you can easily stand inside of your home to close and lock the accordions. Simplicity at its finest!

Accordion hurricane shutters covering large patio

Accordion Hurricane Shutters of All Sizes

Made of interlocking extruded aluminum blades, accordion hurricane shutters are permanently mounted and readily accessible in times of need.  Accordions can cover small to very large spans and are the easiest option for large patios and lanais. Durable and affordable, accordions offer premium protection from storms as well as intruders. 

Radial opening with accordion hurricane shutters and custom radius track.

Coverage for Custom Windows

All windows aren't standard shapes and sizes. Where others turn away, our expert installation crew takes great pride in the custom work necessary for radial openings. A high quality shutter company should never tell you that you must leave one window uncovered because they aren't proficient in this difficult area of installation. Customized radius tracks are something that takes great skill and the highest level of craftsmanship - both of which you'll receive on accordions from Shutters of Brevard.

Most Popular Accordion Shutter Questions

What are the color options?

Accordion hurricane shutters are offered in four color options - White, ivory, beige or bronze.

Accordion hurricane shutters are offered in four color options -- White, Ivory, Beige or Bronze. 

How do I close the accordion?

Instructions and image of how to properly close an accordion hurricane shutter

Closing accordions is easy. Simply grab from each side of the shutter, pull until they meet in the middle and line up the key hole. 

Can I upgrade my outside lock?

Accordion shutters are offered with push key locks or high security mortise locks.

From push button key locks to high security mortise locks, there are various types of locks to meet your specific wants and needs.

What does it look like open vs closed?

Unobstructed view of an open accordion hurricane shutter

Homeowners are pleased with the unobstructed view that they receive when the accordion hurricane shutters are open. 

Do these meet Florida Building code?

Miami Dade hurricane approved

In addition to meeting the Florida Building Code requirements, our accordion hurricane shutters are built to Miami Dade standards.