Aluminum Storm Panels


Saving Money From Beginning To End

Aluminum storm panels are the most cost effective means of hurricane protection. In addition, they can increase the overall value of your property while earning you an insurance discount. 


Affordable Hurricane Storm Protection

High velocity hurricane zone approved, the 050 aluminum storm panels meet the Miami/Dade and Florida Building Code and are designed to withstand maximum impact. 


Custom Sizes To Accommodate Patios

This lightweight, corrosion resistant hurricane shutter protection option can save your porch or covered patio from debris regardless of the height. Aluminum storm panels are customized for all opening sizes.

Did You Know....


With tracks in place, most homeowners can fully shutter their entire home with storm panels in about an hour's time!


Aluminum storm panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending upon which meets your window needs.


Clear lexan hurricane panels can be added into the opening of aluminum storm panels for extra lighting.