Shutter Maintenance - Good as Gold!

Shutter Maintenance

Hurricane shutter maintenance is a necessity. You wouldn't leave a car in the driveway for long periods of time and never start it up, would you? The same theory applies to hurricane shutters. It is highly recommended that your shutters are maintained on a semi-annually basis. Shutters of Brevard has a low cost maintenance plan set in place that will extend the overall life of your hurricane shutters and keep them operational.  The last thing you want is to have a hurricane lurking around the corner and find out that your shutters aren't functioning properly due to poor maintenance. Keeping your hurricane shutters clear of debris in the tracks, cleaned and properly lubricated, will ensure that your hurricane shutters are operating at peak performance. Maintenance is an essential part of the process and one that we take great pride in!

Service and Repair

 Are your shutters not closing properly? Are your locks giving you trouble? Is the hurricane shutter not operating as it should? Give us a call! We will always opt to try and fix your old shutters before ever suggesting to purchase new. More times than not we are able to have your old faulty hurricane shutters working like new, even if the shutters were originally installed by a different company.